Since 2007 Devi Tantra Yoga has organised Spiritual Tours in India, guided by MayaSwati Devi, with tantric itineraries to find out more about the more secret and spiritual India.

These trips include the Northern Himalayan mountains, sacred rivers, the city of Siva and of Shaivite Tantrism, places of worship of the Goddess, temples and tantric places (with no mass tourism), ashrams of enlightened gurus and yogis.
A trip that explores the many cultural and naturalistic faces of Northern India and especially a journey within ourselves. We will find out about the places and temples of the great tantric tradition, from the Tibetan to the Hindu. We will see the ceremonies, Aarti and pooja by the Ganges river. During these trips meditation, mantras and yoga practice will be taught and practised.
It is a trip to India to discover the route of Tantra and the tantric Goddesses in lands rich in spirituality and charisma where the houses of Gods and ancient pleasure of the wayfarer can be found. Find out the dates of the next Spiritual Tour.

Find out the dates of the next Spiritual Tour.