This research into the divine feminine comes from the book “The Tantric Dancer” by MayaSwati Devi, and is based on Maya’s direct experience of the Tantric Way, and sacred and mystical Hindu dances.

Maya wants to convey her ten-year experience through teaching tantric practices and Indian female dancing to women who are free from mental patterns and stereotypes set by society and are not afraid to explore their femininity and sensuality. Through a five-part journey the aspects of the sacred feminine and the eternal charm of the feminine arts are deepened by developing personality, grace, beauty, charisma, charm, sensuality, and magnetism through learning about the ancient dances and tantric practices that will be revealed generously and taught directly by Maya.

Tantrism and sacred feminine

The moon governs the female universe. Gaining consciousness of the wisdom the moon brings with it the means for the woman to meet a precious part of her femininity. Devi, the Mother Goddess, Grand-Goddess, Resplendent, the female principle, the shakti, or immanent energy, is represented as a female goddess. Every goddess hides an important reality, a truth concealed from our eyes by our ignorance. Each goddess represents a specific approach to self-realisation. Meditating with devotion on the 10 Mahāvidyā means recognising the Divine in everything and within oneself. It means eliminating the illusion that prevents us from contemplating the Light of Shakti in every single entity of existence. This path is for women who want to rediscover their essence by evoking their ‘divine inner being’ and learning to live like ‘Goddesses on Earth.’

 “Where your hands go, the gaze follows them, where the spirit is directed, where the spirit is laid out, a state of mood is manifested”

The Sacred Body Gestures from “The Tantric Dancer”

This is a journey into the heart of Indian Tantrism and the supreme expression of the Divine Feminine.

The āsana of the traditional Tantra Yoga used to be practised and taught by the Yoginīs. The sacred dances were danced by Devadāsī in Hindu temples. The Yoginīs were enlightened women who could provoke a direct experience of Supreme Reality with a gesture or a word addressed with precision. These indomitable teachers enjoyed all forms of freedom and were endowed with supernatural powers (siddhi). Their wise and powerful figures were used to indicate the path of spiritual evolution to every human being.

The journey is through the manifestations of the goddesses that reside in the body and express themselves through the five elements. Contemporary women, as Shakti, will rediscover the values ​​of their inner beauty, the power of transformation and power to change as well as their ability to analyse the details, intuition, and receptivity. Only by enhancing their very nature will women fully regain their inner strength, not only by supporting her beloved but by contributing to the change of planetary energy.

In Tantrism, the cult of the Great Mother or Shakti is not merely the adoration of the external form of divinity, the superficial idolatry of their representations or the ritual acts of veneration. The ten cosmic forces, Dasha Mahavidya, represent the fundamental pillars of Knowledge, the ten universal energies that reside in the microcosm and in the macrocosm and regulate their entire existence.

The knowledge of the true female nature and that of self-confidence are the essential conditions for making the goddess present in every woman, the Goddess of Initiation. During this journey, you will rediscover your body through practices, asana, and mudra of the goddess’s yoga.

You will learn the ancient tantric practices of adoration of the Great Mother, the mantras of Dasha Mahavidya, the sacred dances of Devadasi (sacred dancers) and Yoni Meditations. You will discover the art of making love without sex and self-love rituals. You will access the eternal divine dance of your ‘Inner Goddess Dance’.

Through the Śakti Mantra Sādhana, the tantric meditation, the āsana of the 64 Yoginīs and the 10 Mahāvidyās, we will return to the purest essence of Tantra Yoga and, in general, of the tradition of śākta tantrism. We will explore the Panca Tattva, the 5 cosmic elements in our body – Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Aakash (Ether).

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