Yoginis are free from the impenetrability of the dresses, with a leap the yoginis outstretched the flight, with the flowing hairs framing the bodies ribbed in sinuous dance poses.

Their eyes shine with passion, ecstasy, and fierce intensity, and it is almost possible to hear the slight ticking of their intricate bone ornaments, or to feel the smoky air from their floating rainbow strolling webs as they slip into the tantric landscape. These indomitable Teachers enjoy all forms of freedom and are bestowed with magical powers. The Yoginīs are enlightened women who could provoke a direct experience of Supreme Reality with a gesture or a word addressed with precision.

These female figures, with the exuberance of their passionate and free attitudes, convey a sense of profound mastery and spiritual power. They have inspired my initial interest in the Tantric tradition and guided my steps from beginning to end. I was convinced that the yoginis, who permeate the tantric literature with their grace, can provide a testimony of the presence of women in Tantrism, a proof of their historical existence, spiritual liberation, and religious conception.

“At the heart of Tantra are the ‘numinous walkers of the sky’, a radiant reflection of the first teachers who, by combining ‘pure heart, mind, and sexual desire’, teach women and men the way of Passionate Enlightenment.”

The mastery of love arts as handed down from the East through the centuries has always been the patrimony of the Woman.

Every woman, due to her extraordinary innate skills, can spontaneously realise sexual continence during the loving act. By simply following the instinct and taking an active role, a woman can give a great, subtle, spiritual power to her beloved and enable the couple to reach sublime states of ecstasy and union with the divine. Knowing and appreciating these innate qualities of women, the great sages of the millennial tantric tradition, admired and worshipped them as Shakti – female power – and as initiators, the ones who show the path to enlightenment. This enigmatic power is the direct expression of female intuition and is called ‘the energy of wisdom’. The conscious woman loves her vital body, full of harmonious shapes that show sensuality and vitality. The conscious woman learns to admire the other women whom she perceives as allies in the realisation of universal love.

The conscious woman recognises in other women the support and complicity to bring the whole society into contact with the immutable values ​​of love, nature, and spirituality. A woman who knows how to express her own nature is free from personal pride and experiences love in every action and thought, and reaches the full manifestation of her own self.

Knowledge of the true female nature and self-confidence are the essential conditions to realising full awareness in every woman. Every woman should give herself the opportunity to know techniques and ways of awakening all the potentialities that characterise her and that will allow her to become a dynamic force in action in all aspects of her life. The purpose of this path is to teach every woman the practices of the Yogini, which consist of techniques and rituals that derive from the ancient Tantric Shakta and Kaula tradition.

This path will lead to gaining full consciousness of what femininity is all about and will manifest all those aspects that make of a woman a Divine expression, which can transform in a beneficial way, with its creative energy, all she encounters.

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