The divine feminine worship

From “The Tantric Dancer” by Maya Swati Devi

The first tantric civilization with a female matrix dates to around 7,500 BC. Women had a place of honour as much in the profane as in the religious world, centred around the worship of the Mother Goddess. Sexuality was experienced with great freedom, without shame and guilt and with the awareness of its positive influence on the individual and social physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. All ancient cultures have traditions that praise the power of women as initiators – Egypt, Greece, Arabia, Tibet, and China. The woman was considered the embodiment of beauty, sensuality, and vitality as well as the guardian of the potential creator. In Tantrism woman represents the energy of transformation, change, evolution. Men represent pure consciousness. The formidable power of women as initiators is enormous and lies primarily in her attitude to sexuality, which she considers only in the spiritual sense. Tantra is the cult of femininity, the worship of the Goddess and women. Its origins are lost in the night of time. Tantra is the development of sensitivity, the experience of loving intensely, without fear of loss, completely fused with the beloved. It is the ability to transcend the superficial and the apparent aspects of reality, as the tantric way is never about collecting superficial love relationships.

Woman is passion itself and Śakti but she must discover herself first and then find her inner Śiva, her temperance, her master, to finally meet her outer Śiva – her soul-mate, with whom she can achieve unity or supreme yoga. Tantrikas celebrate Śakti in every act of life. They learn to love and honour Śakti in pain and pleasure, in profit and loss, and by doing so they achieve liberation. Every human being is born from a woman’s Yoni (the female sexual organ). Every man wishes to return to this territory of sacred femininity through unlimited sexual contact that can only be achieved through experiencing ‘the realisation of the perfect continence’. The Being, Śiva, is not possible without Śakti, and without Śakti, the Being, Śiva, cannot expand. Every woman, due to her extraordinary innate skills, can spontaneously experience sexual continence during the loving act by simply following her instinct. While a virile and powerful man has to train each day for a long period of time to achieve sexual continence, any vital, harmonious and sensual woman has at her disposal this innate gift always.

“O Goddess, you who become a spouse as your duty, and do not make a distinction between men and women of any caste who are worshiping you. Grant each of those your fruits, but you are terrible with those who do not worship you.”

Kulārṇava Tantra

Sacred Sexuality

In the Tantric vision, the entire physical and mental universe is perceived as being like a fabric in which the single parts are united in a whole, and in which the whole is reflected in its single parts. In Tantra Yoga, sexual energy is discovered, transmutated and sublimated to allow the individual to reach high states of consciousness leading to perfect communion with the Universal Consciousness. It is the union of the two Shiva and Shakti aspects, feminine and masculine, lunar and solar, which leads to creation and the whole universal manifestation. To enter the sacredness of sex is to be willing to open to the other completely, at all levels, without inhibitions and fear of having to defend ourselves by closing our hearts.

By trying to be increasingly natural and spontaneous, we allow our heart to open and express our sacred fire which requires our dedicated listening and embrace for it to succeed in proceeding on its path. The second step is to acknowledge the Divine in the other person and to make love with his/her enlightened and awakened aspect. It is a surrender of the ego to the divine of the two individuals, who become One: one sole Presence of Love. This unity is the result of the total abandonment to deeper levels of consciousness and the recognition of our divine aspect and that of the other. It is a total surrender to the Divine presence which calls the two lovers to Itself as they have been able to open the narrow and miserable boundaries of the ego and become One.

In Tantra women are considered sacred and adored as such: they are the expression of the Divine on Earth. Knowing certain secrets of their own nature makes each woman irresistibly attractive: beyond her physical appearance she emanates joy, vitality, and sensuality.

This path will allow every woman to develop the qualities of the divine feminine by gaining a consciousness of what true femininity is and by manifesting all the aspects that make of a woman the divine expression which can transform, with her creative energy, everything that she encounters. Each woman will learn the art of being a woman through the exploration of sensuality, grace, elegance and artistic expression of dance and sacred sexuality.

“Her powerful thighs force him to yield to desire, and her hand grabs his hair to hold it better. He drinks the nectar from her lips and finally sighs in the paroxysm of love. Ah, how strange are the routes taken by the passion!”
Gīta Govinda