Maya was initiated to Shakta tantrism of the Living Goddess tradition by her second guru, Guru Swami Shri Param Eswaran.

Since her initiation, she has been teaching women how to tap into and understand their femininity through tantric yogic practices, meditative dances and body practices which are taught at Divine Feminine, Woman’s Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Yogini workshops. These workshops have been created with the objective of teaching women how to go beyond those influences and resistances which stop them from experiencing their full potential. Women hold the greatest mystery in the world: life. The potential of giving life on earth is linked to the opposite idea of immortality and to the ultimate end of all human beings, which is where the sacredness of the feminine manifests itself fully. However, the concept of ‘woman-mother’ is intimately connected with the one of sexuality, an area which has been often misunderstood. In fact, sexuality is key to the individual’s physical and spiritual healing as well as its purpose of reproduction of the human species.

“To see you naked is to remember the Earth. The Earth without reeds, pure form. To see you naked is to understand the desire of rain that looks for the delicate waist. Your womb is a struggle of roots. Your lips are a dawn without contour.”

Federico Garcia Lorca

The woman’s alchemy in Tantra

from “The Tantric Dancer” by Maya Swati Devi

In Tantra the feminine cosmic energy is represented by Shakti Devi and her various ‘beneficent’ and ‘dreadful’ manifestations, called Dasha Mahavidya (Maha = Great, Vidya = Wisdom), the Ten Goddesses (or cosmic forces) of the Supreme Wisdom.

Kali is the first of the ten feminine goddesses and is fundamental in the tantric worship. Kali is the black Goddess, the dreadful projection of time which consumes and destroys everything. Devi is the gorgeous Goddess, Lakshmi, Vishnu’s spouse, Goddess of beauty and prosperity. Devi is also Durga, the powerful Goddess warrior, fierce enemy of the demons. Devi is Parvati, who holds the three Parva (Wisdom, Will, Action), universal mother and Shiva’s spouse. Devi is also Tara, the green Goddess of the redeeming speech. Every Goddess reveals an important reality and a truth which is hidden from our eyes and represents a specific approach to self-realisation.

Worshiping the Mahavidya is to acknowledge the Divine in everything and within ourselves, to eliminate the illusion that stops us from contemplating the Light of Shakti in every single aspect of existence. In Tantra, worshiping the Mahavidya is not merely the adoration of the external form of the divinity, the superficial idolatry of the figure or ritual act of veneration. The Dasha Mahavidya represents the fundamental pillars of Knowledge, the ten universal Energies that reside in the microcosm and in the macrocosm and regulate their entire existence.

Each Goddess offers the devotee a portion of Her Infinite Knowledge and allows the veneration to go beyond the boundaries of symbols and images to reach the Absolute in Her wholeness. Worshiping the Dasha Mahavidya means meditating and invoking these energies, being aware of their presence, their function, and their power.

It means discovering the great mysteries of existence by accepting reality in every state, both the darkest and the brightest aspects of reality, since all that we experience in life is permeated by the immensity of Shakti Devi.

Courses on the Divine Feminine

Conducted and designed by Maya

Through these paths participants will be able to reconnect with their own nature as ‘divine creature’ by learning meditation and techniques for energy expansion, asanas belonging to the Shaktiyoga (goddess yoga), through exercises to reconnect with their body, meditative dances, Devi dance and the moon dance to get in touch with the inner Goddess, learn about sensual self-massages and the technique of Goddess’ Sacred Touch by understanding the importance of the ‘yoni’ (sacred female organ) which is the woman’s divine temple.