Significant events in Maya Swati Devi’s artistic career

During her artistic carreer she has performed both publicly and privately in Italy and India, for people such as Amithabh Bachchan, the most popular Bollywood actor in India, the Indian ambassadors Mr S.K. Vermaand, Mr Prabhat, the Director of Incredible India, Mr Gobhind Bhuyan, the princess of Jaipur, Mr Bhawan Singh in Pushkar, the Italian ambassador Mancini in New Delhi, the Indian ambassador in Rome, the Rathore family from Jaipur, the princess of Kuwait and the Mayor of Milan.

She performed regularly at the fascinating and prestigious Lake Palace in Udaipur with her teacher Sua Devi Kalbeliya and danced for the wedding of the Royal family, at Leela Palace of Udaipur with the Sayari Roots of Gypsy team, at the Udaipur City Palace for the famous Holika Festival, which is arranged every year by the Maharana at the Jaipur City Palace, at Fort Pachewar, at Fort Khempur, and at the Italian Institute of Culture in New Delhi.

In October 2010 and 2011 she performed at the Palasesto di San Giovanni in Milan for Amma Amritanandamayi, the great Indian guru and Embrace Mother. She has performed in India and Italy with various well-known artists, such as Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan, Spakkaneapolis 55, Troublamours, Sunny Singh, George Jacob, Rahul Jacob, Anuj Mushra, Tiraniwen, Walter Maioli, NourEddine Fatty and others.


In October 2011 during the first Nomad Dance Fest in Milan she was nominated ‘ambassador of the Indian culture in Italy’ by the Indian ambassador S.K.Verma and Maya’s team was selected by Incredible India and India Tourism Milan to represent India and Indian dances during official events. In March 2013 she performed at the City Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan (India) for the royal family and she was given an award for her artistic career by the Maharana of Udaipur Sri Arvind Singh, who also gave her a prestigious arvindshahi – the sari sown with the colours of the royal family – and royal coins.

In December 2013 she performed at the Italian Embassy in New Delhi for the Indian ambassador Mancini, who nominated her delegate of the Italian culture in India.