Dancing yogini, Hindu tantrism and traditional tantric yoga teacher, researcher, and nomadic traveller.

Born in the sunny lands of Tuscany (Italy) in the month of Ashwin –October in the Indian calendar – in the era of Kali (Kali Yuga), Maya was initiated to the tantric Kaula lineage by her first teacher Swami Anand Guptananda in India in 2000. She was then introduced to the Śākta tantric tradition based on the Living Goddess by her second guru Swami Shri Param Eswaran. Maya was awarded the Tantric Yoga Teacher diploma under the Yoga Alliance 200 HR international scheme by her teacher Swami Shri Bhagawan. Maya is the only teacher in Italy to teach the Sacred Tantric Ritual Touch – a tantric ritual that combines a massage with the sounds of sacred mantras, donated to Maya by her guru during her training in India.

In 2007 Maya founded Devi Tantra Yoga – the first Hindu tantrism school in Italy. Since then Maya has been teaching Śākta tantrism, traditional tantric yoga, the sacred tantric ritual touch, sound healing, feminine Devi Yoga and mystic and meditative dances through annual training courses, workshops and international retreats in Europe and India.

“I am the Moon, I am everywhere and nowhere. Do not seek me outside; I abide in your very life. Everybody calls you towards himself; I invite you nowhere except to yourself. Poetry is like the boat and its meaning is like the sea: Come on board at once! Let me sail this boat!”

Jalaluddin Rumi

Maya teaches women to develop and nurture their femininity through tantric yogic practices, meditative dance, and body awareness.

Maya teaches women to develop and nurture their femininity through tantric yogic practices, meditative dance, and body awareness. She holds retreats, workshops, and seminars on the Divine Feminine, Women Sacred Sexuality and Yogini Practice. Maya Swati Devi has been dancing since she was 8 years old and has studied a variety of dancing styles. She is the first and only teacher in Italy of gipsy dances from Rajasthan and Kalbeliya, and is a member of CID UNESCO International Dance Council, the most acknowledged dancing organisation worldwide. She is the only student of Sua Devi, one of the greatest teachers from Kalbeliya, who dances in the famous movie ‘LathoDrom’ by Tony Gatlif, which tells the story of nomadic gipsy populations in their journey from India to Andalusia. Since 1996 Maya has been dancing in India and during her long stays she has been learning Hindu and sacred dances, from the folk dances from Rajasthan with Guru Vandana to the dance from Kalbeliya, which comes from the gypsy villages populated by the local serpent enchanters. She deepened her studies with Gulabo Sapera and Sayari Sapera, worldwide-known dancers from Rajasthan.

Maya has searched widely for all dances coming from the ‘gypsy route’ and the journey that gypsies undertook from India to Spain around 1,400 years ago. From this passion the Nomad Dance Fest was born, the first Italian Festival of nomadic dances, music, and culture. Maya is the founder and artistic director of the Nomad Dance Fest (www.nomadancefest.com).

Maya has travelled extensively, especially in the East and America, but India has always been the greatest destination and there she has organised annual tantric and spiritual retreats and pilgrimages. She regularly visits her teachers for personal spiritual retreats at their Indian ashrams.

Maya is committed to sharing the traditional Hindu tantric teaching through courses in Italy and abroad, and is one of only a few Western tantric teachers invited to give seminars in India. Maya has been a vegan since she was 20 years old and uses only natural methods and herbs to keep her mind and body healthy. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Sanskrit and Hindi.